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Why I Developed This Course

I understand busy nutrition professionals:
1. have limited time off to attend conferences.IMmarathon
2.Ai??may not receive funding to pay for conference fees, hotel, flights and food.
3. often don’t want to be away from their family for extended periods of time.

In some of my live seminars,Ai??participants have traveled over 2 hours (one-way) to hear me speak and earn CEUs.

Well not any more…


Who am I?

My name is JJ Mayo and Iai??i??m an endurance athlete, a sports science professor, and a registered dietitian nutritionist.

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to teach youAi??how to improve sports performance through optimal nutrition (almost immediately… whether it’s a client or your own).

  • Nearly 20 years as a university professor (PhD in Exercise Physiology, MS in Dietetics) teaching courses in fitness and nutrition.
  • Published in journals like Strength and Conditioning Research, Journal of Sports Physical Therapy and the International Dance and Exercise Association Journal (to name a few) and quoted in magazines like Bicycling Magazine, Menai??i??s Health, and US Weekly.
  • TraveledAi??the country offering this exact continuing education seminar!
  • 9x Ironman, multiple ultramarathon finisher and Boston Marathon qualifier.


Nutrition 101
  • A brief history of sports nutrition
  • The six classes of nutrients
  • A foundation for healthy eating: A review of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Are nutritional guidelines different for athletes and active individuals?
Bioenergetics and Metabolism
  • Review the three energy systems involved in nutrient bioenergetics
  • Energy systems used for various sports
  • Nutrient use during rest and physical activity
  • Muscle fiber types and energy use
Energy Requirements for Active Adults
  • How many calories do athletes and active individuals need?
  • Common methods to estimate energy needs
  • Resting energy expenditure laboratory data
  • Maximal and submaximal exercise laboratory data
  • Using technology to track energy intake and expenditure
Body Composition for Exercise and Sport
  • Methods to assess body composition
  • Body composition and sport performance
  • Weight standards and achieving optimal weight
  • Practical guidelines for weight management of athletes
  • Power eating: Strategies for increased muscle mass
Nutrient Recommendations for Active Adults
  • Strategies for effective communication of nutritional guidelines
  • Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins needs strength/power, and endurance sports
  • Vitamins and mineralsai??i??a review of micronutrient needs
  • What individuals are most at risk for poor micronutrient status?
  • How hydration influences exercise performanceai??i??the science of H2O
  • Hydration recommendations before, during and after exercise
  • Common hydration-related questions answered
The Athlete's Diet
  • General meal planning guidelines (hands-on activity)
  • Introduction to nutritional periodization
  • The concept of nutrient timing
  • How to eat the week of a big event
  • Pre-exercise meal guidelinesai??i??determine meal size, timing, and macronutrient composition
  • Fueling during exerciseai??i??what, when, and how much to eat during a game or competition
  • Post-exercise eating strategies to maximize recovery
  • Sports-specific guidelines for strength/power and endurance sports
  • Can a low carb/high fat diet (LCHF) improve performance?
  • Tips for eating on the road
Nutrition During Special Environmental Conditions
  • Nutritional considerations for athletes competing in extreme environmental conditions:
    heat and humidity, cold and altitude.
Dietary Supplements and Ergogenic Aids
  • Key considerations regarding supplement use:Ai??Safety, legality, effectiveness
  • The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
  • Dietary supplements and the NCAA
  • How to evaluate if a research study is ai???qualityai???
  • SupplementsAi??that perform as claimed
  • Supplements that provide promise but lack sufficient evidence
  • SupplementsAi??that do not perform as claimed
  • How to discuss supplements with athletes and active adults
  • How to be supplement savvy

And You Receive 3 Special Bonuses!

Sample Meal Plans

ThreeAi??sample meal plans that can be adapted for any athlete. If you currently work with athletes or plan to in the future this will save you time and money!

Research Articles

Key research articles used to create this course! Perfect for scienceAi??nerds (like myself) who want to know all the details.

Sports Nutrition Resources

Comprehensive list of sports nutrition resources! If you need a quick handout to give to one of your athletes no problem, I’ve got you covered.



Fitness Professionals

PTs and PTAs

Get CEUs and Pass the CSSD Exam on Your First Try!

Here are some common questions about the course.

Am I required to take a test to get my CEUs?

Yes, before you are awarded CEUs and a certificate, completion ofAi??a 50 question test is required. Ai??This is standard among online training courses and ensures you have achieved comprehension of the material. You will be able to download the test in the members area and submit it to me via email.

Will I receive a CEU certificate?

Once your test is returned, a certificate will be sent via email for your records. This will validate course completion and should be keptAi??as proof if you are audited by your licensing/certification agency.

Which organizations do you currently provide CEUs for?

SNME is a proud CEU provider for the following organizations.

Approved for 0.9 CEU
Approved for 7.0 CPEUs

Since this course is brand new CEU status is PENDING for the following organizations.
American Counsel on Exercise
American Physical Therapy Association

Is this course only for those needing CEUs?

Absolutely not! If you are a COACH this course would be helpful for you too. Sports coaches (strength/power or endurance), wellness coaches and health coaches (to name a few) might find this course valuable, even without earning CEUs.


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30 Day Guarantee! BOOM!!

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